This page relates to our accepted IMC '17 paper.

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  • The research that led to Shortcuts through Colocation Facilities was supported by the European Research Council (ERC) Grant Agreement no. 338402 - The NetVolution Project (

  • Thanks to the RIPE Atlas community for providing access to their RIPE Atlas probes and measurement interfaces.

  • Thanks to the PlanetLab community for maintaining a publicly available global testbed with rich features.

  • Thanks to Christos Papachristos from ICS-FORTH for helping with the setup of the PlanetLab nodes that were used.

  • Thanks to CAIDA and Vasileios Giotsas for making the dataset related to facility detection publicly available.

  • Thanks to Ioanna Papafili from COSMOTE for the initial work and inpiration of this research and measurement effort.